Alpha Win Sarasota Triathlon Returns to Nathan Benderson Park

The event offers three race distances tailored for novice triathletes and seasoned veterans alike, with over 300 athletes competing throughout the day.

The highly anticipated annual Alpha Win Sarasota triathlon is set to return for its 6th year at Nathan Benderson Park on January 7th. The event, organized by the Alpha Win triathlon series and supported by Visit Sarasota County, promises an exhilarating experience for athletes of all levels, from first timers to seasoned veterans.

The triathlon will showcase participants competing in three different distances, catering to various levels of expertise and training. The available race distances — Alpha Sprint, Alpha Olympic, and Alpha Long Course — ensure a challenging course suited to participants' individual levels of training, endurance, and personal goals.

  • Alpha Sprint: Designed for budding triathletes, this distance includes a 750m swim, 12.4 mi bike, and 3.1 mi run. It's ideal for those looking to push their limits while maintaining a balance with their daily commitments.
  • Alpha Olympic: Geared towards flourishing triathletes, this distance features a 1500m swim, a 26.2 mi bike, and a 6.2 mi run. Athletes who have gained experience from Sprint triathlons will find the Alpha Olympic an exciting next step in their triathlon journey.
  • Alpha Long Course: Tailored for ambitious triathletes, this challenging distance comprises a 1.2 mi swim, a 56 mi bike, and a 13.1 mi run. With significant training commitment and access to coaching, participants in this category showcase the pinnacle of dedication to the sport.


The Alpha Win Sarasota triathlon aims to elevate the triathlon scene in Sarasota, attracting participants ranging from newcomers to seasoned athletes. Despite its challenging nature, the event emphasizes accessibility, encouraging individuals to embrace the sport and achieve personal milestones.

Registration for the event is still open until the day of the event, for any individuals looking to kick off the new year with a bang! For more details and to sign up to participate, please visit The park will be open to spectators, for anyone wanting to come out and cheer on the participating athletes. The event will kick off at 8am on Sunday, January 7th.


About Alpha Win

Alpha Win, formerly known as HITS Endurance, was created in 2011 to give athletes the chance to race at some of their favorite destinations and experience a level of personalized customer service that Alpha felt was lacking in some areas of the race industry. Alpha offers multiple race distances that appeal to a full range of skill and fitness levels, from the first-time racer to the professional triathlete. From a one mile run to an Alpha 140.6, anyone can feel like an AlphaFemale or AlphaMale. For more, please visit:

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